JobsDB by SEEK unveils career exploration tool "Complete Career Advice" to enhance skills and potential of future talents

Tuesday 19 September 2023 11:07
JobsDB by SEEK has introduced its latest career exploration tool "Complete Career Advice," designed to empower jobseekers with in-depth insights into their professions, such as salary expectations, valuable work-life lessons, and resume building techniques, in order to unlock their full potential and facilitate job matches sustainably.
JobsDB by SEEK unveils career exploration tool Complete Career Advice to enhance skills and potential of future talents

Khun Duangporn Prom-on, Managing Director of JobsDB Thailand, emphasized that, "We are now in the era of digital disruption, driven by constant innovations and rapidly changing technology landscapes. Adaptation to these changes is essential, particularly in aligning with the dynamic demands of various professions today. And only those who proactively embrace change and adjust themselves accordingly stand to gain the most.

JobsDB by SEEK recognizes the significance of this shift and has developed the "Complete Career Advice," a comprehensive tool that compiles in-depth information on more than 450 professions, that enables individuals contemplating a career change to explore deep-seated career insights, compare current salaries with industry standards, study job trends, and even access job openings within their respective fields."

The "Complete Career Advice" comprises of four major sections:

  1. Career Exploration: This section provides detailed job descriptions, responsibilities, qualifications, and average salary figures for over 450 professions, referencing data from the Thai labor market. It particularly caters to individuals considering a career switch, offering profound insights into careers across industries.
  2. Salary Benchmark: Jobseekers can instantly compare their current salaries with market standards in Thailand. The tool also investigates high-paying professions and offers advice on salary negotiations. Additionally, it tracks the highest-paying roles within each industry.
  3. Job Search: The platform offers essential tips and advice for effective job hunting, including interview preparation and creating impressive resumes guaranteed to catch the eyes of recruiters and leading organizations in the country.
  4. Work-Life Tips: Featuring articles about maintaining work-life balance, acquiring additional professional skills, workplace benefits, and even tips on the most effective resignation techniques.

"The development of these tools under the JobsDB by SEEK platform aims to improve the skills and potential of jobseekers. Smart technology and AI-based solutions are incorporated to streamline job screening and matching processes, making JobsDB by SEEK more than just a job-seeking website, but a platform that genuinely aids both organizations and jobseekers in a sustainable way," Khun Duangporn concluded.

For jobseekers interested in exploring further, visit where you can find everything job-related, whether it's career exploration, salary research, job hunting, or insights into your work life. Enhance your skills and embrace the forthcoming changes of the future job market.

Source: Brand Wealth

JobsDB by SEEK unveils career exploration tool Complete Career Advice to enhance skills and potential of future talents