Discover 'Shopee Beyond The Commerce' through cutting edge solutions, serving users in all dimensions

Thursday 28 March 2024 09:44
For years, Shopee has consistently provided an exceptional e-commerce shopping experience. The platform has captured the hearts of many users be it sellers, buyers, brands, and partners from various industries. This acclaim has propelled Shopee to become the No.1 e-commerce platform in Thailand for shoppers, as demonstrated by numerous prestigious awards and recognitions it has received such as Valuable Retail Brands in Southeast Asia 2023 from Kantar BrandZ, Inspiration Growth 2023 from Wunderman Thompson, and many more. Shopee will continue to maintain its strong appeal and connection with its users.
Discover 'Shopee Beyond The Commerce' through cutting edge solutions, serving users in all dimensions

In 2024, Shopee remains committed to creating a superior shopping experience and enhancing its users' lives through robust marketing tools, propelling the platform towards 'Shopee Beyond The Commerce', with sustainable growth, elevated services, and better user engagement.

Karan Ambani, Director of Commercial, Shopee (Thailand) said with eight years of expertise in the e-commerce world, Shopee is continuously evolving to stay ahead. We strive to create better solutions and marketing tools to better serve our sellers and brand partners, delivering a smoother and safer e-commerce experience for our users, and driving sustainable growth for our business.

Delve deeper into 'Shopee Beyond The Commerce' as it evolves into 'more' than just an e-commerce platform.

  • An unmatched post purchase journey - Ensuring peace of mind and a satisfactory post purchase experience with our operational services is essential for success.
    • Quality of service - Shopee consistently prioritises the users, whether it's building trust, reliability, or ensuring superior convenience. This commitment is exemplified through its customer service which operates 24/7 and is supported by a dedicated local team
    • Shopee Return & Refund is another standout program that enables users to swiftly and conveniently return items without the need to leave their homes, and at no cost.
    • Shop Safe with Shopee - Prioritizes a secure user experience on our platform, backed by robust partnerships with governmental authorities for safety assurance. This commitment is solidified through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Thai Royal Police.
  • Innovation that caters to the digital lifestyle - Shopee prioritises being the No.1 e-commerce platform with cutting edge tech solutions
    • Shopee Live: 'Shopee Live' highlights the 'real-time interaction' between sellers and shoppers. Shopee Live is an all-time favourite user feature with the number of viewers growing three times and contributing 10 times sales uplift YoY in 2023.
    • Shopee Video - video content is what shoppers are searching for. Attractive content influences the purchasing decisions of online shoppers, 2 out of 31 of shoppers to view products/services through short videos. As Shopee saw the potential of this trend, the latest feature 'Shopee Video' was launched and now becomes the hot item for content creators and brand partners, thanks to the entertainment factor, concrete sales results, and best shopping experience for users.
  • Powerful marketing tools are the cornerstone of success - Supporting and enhancing partners' growth stands as a core strategy for Shopee, leveraging its expertise in marketing solutions.
    • Shopee Affiliate Marketing Solution (AMS) - Shopee's Affiliate Marketing Solution (AMS) empowers sellers and brands to promote their products through a network of influencers, effectively expanding awareness, visibility, and driving traffic that converts into sales. This program is now in high demand, with the last six months of mega campaigns in 2023 experiencing a 3 times growth for participant KOLs, resulting in an 11 times increase in sales compared to the average day.
    • Shopee, the campaign maker - Double-date campaigns remain powerful solutions. This success is attributed to Shopee's profound understanding and meticulous study of shopper behaviours, coupled with its steadfast partnerships with brands and sellers.

Shopee continues to devise creative campaigns that resonate with shoppers' evolving trends, such as the 'Shopee 4.4 Video Day'2 which featured Shopee Video, featuring attractive Crazy Flash Sales of up to 80%, Shopee Video 50% off vouchers, and Free Shipping with no minimum spend.

''We are committed to advancing the platform's ecosystem with our '3S Moments': 'Surprise', 'Saving', and 'Success'. Shopee will persist in unlocking limitless potential to shape the future of e-commerce beyond just online shopping.", Karan concluded.

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Discover 'Shopee Beyond The Commerce' through cutting edge solutions, serving users in all dimensions