Wednesday 12 June 2024 13:16
"Salt water is a cure for everything," is a common adage, often professed by healers around the world. While the ocean lends itself naturally to healing, tropical islands such as Koh Samui have become leading destinations for holistic wellbeing immersions. "The Resort's lush surroundings with a stunning hillside setting that cascades into the ocean offers guests a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation from the moment they arrive," suggests Jasjit Assi, General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui. Enhancing this experience is the Resort's lineup of resident healers with varied holistic wellness backgrounds to offer experiences across multiple dimensions. "From crystal sound healing, holistic sound baths and breathwork, to naturopathic sessions, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and pranayama, the experiences are tailored to nurture the body, mind, and soul," smiles Kotchaphan Mekloy, Director of Spa at the ethereal The Secret Garden Spa, where guests are invited to immerse themselves in a world of tranquillity and renewal. "One day can change your whole life, is the Global Wellness Day mantra," she says. "We stand firmly by this theme, not on one day, but every day, by introducing our resident healers to you."

Svetlana Kaivalya - Sound Healing

A seasoned holistic sound healer who holds certifications in sound therapy, reiki, mindfulness teaching, and music, Svetlana Kaivalya has more than two decades of expertise. Svetlana's sound healing sessions delve deep into the realms of physical and mental well-being, as the instruments are strategically placed on and around the body create an energy field that harmonises the body's chakras. "This facilitates the free flow of vital energy and fosters a profound sense of presence and relaxation," observes Kotchaphan. The benefits of gong sound bath, a cornerstone of her practice, extend beyond relaxation to include improved sleep, mental clarity, enhanced life force energy, and relief from conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and depression.

Ronan Cullen - Reiki

Ronan Cullen has refined his abilities to address a wide spectrum of physical and emotional concerns with a focus on emotional balance and physical health. "Through skillful manipulation of energy flow, Ronan assists clients in rediscovering inner resilience, alleviating anxiety, combating stress, and fostering overall physical and emotional well-being," says Kotchaphan. With a steadfast commitment to holistic healing, Ronan offers a transformative journey towards inner harmony and vitality.

Thijs Coolen - Breathwork

With a proven background in healthcare and a specialisation in mental health, Thijs Coolen offers tailored breathwork sessions aimed at transformation. "Nestled within the tranquil confines of our spa, Thijs provides a personalised journey towards inner peace and balance, enriching the serene experience of island life," she adds. Calm and renewal underscore Thijs' transformative breathwork sessions, crafted to unveil the rejuvenating effects of conscious breathing and equip guests with practical tools to foster serenity and equilibrium in the daily life. "Guided through a series of techniques, discover invaluable resources for managing life's challenges, with relaxation as the focal point, creating a sanctuary for unwinding and exploring diverse methods for regulating your nervous system," recommends Kotchaphan.

Madhav West - Holistic Wellness

With more than two decades of expertise spanning nutrition, herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, Qi-gong, Yoga Nidra, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Madhav West is driven by a profound commitment to holistic approaches. "Whether you seek deep relaxation through EFT, tranquillity through pranayama and mindfulness, or comprehensive holistic health guidance, Madhav offers invaluable insights and practical solutions, bridging ancient wisdom with modern techniques," she comments. The holistic wellness and naturopathy session explores the synergy of nutrition, herbal medicine, and lifestyle choices to foster balance and vitality. The transformative power of EFT is a session that must not be missed, designed to deeply relax and recharge emotional batteries, combining scientifically-backed tapping techniques and guided relaxation to cultivate resilience, improved sleep quality, and a brighter emotional outlook.

David Stojanovic - Metta

"When David heals, he not only works on removing the pain, but also connects with the subconscious mind to make you aware of what is causing you to experience a certain pain or problem," shares Kotchaphan. Beginning with shamanism and intuitive energy reading, he discovered the pure, naive, and natural symbiosis with his surroundings, observing the affection between his own being and others. "He named this symbiosis 'Metta' - a journey of healing and connection, exploring the depths of 'the art of loving-kindness,'" shares Kotchaphan. A gifted healer, David Stojanovic's sessions help reduce pain, relieve physical, emotional and mental wounds, and support transformation. Through gentle full-body scans, he unveils and dissolves blockages, offering both mental and physical relief. "Experience the profound relaxation and wellbeing that arise as Metta flows, fostering harmony within," she smiles.

Blessed with tropical abundance and nature's bounty, the Resort sets itself apart by bringing meaningful connections. "Allowing our resident healers to work their magic in the perfect sanctuary of wellbeing has profound effects," says Jasjit. "We welcome our guests to experience pure renewal and tranquillity that promises to whisk you away into a world of uninterrupted relaxation."

Source: Four Seasons Resort Thailand